Youth Awareness Program – provides an opportunity for the youth to share their experience of depression in a non-judgemental environment and also where their voices of suffering could be heard and addressed by the society.
There is a trend in Nagaland where youth who are depressed turn into one of the following 3 options
1. Alcohol abuse
2. Substance abuse
3. Suicide
The project aims to stop them at the stage of Depression from proceeding further into any of the above mentioned options.
The youth who are under Depression will be identified and referred to this program via any of the following sources
1. Local Parish
2. Residential Associations
3. Schools/ Colleges
Expected Outcomes
It will provide guidelines for services and training, raising awareness about problems related to depression, providing an overview of the services available, explaining the terminology and sharing knowledge, involving people living with depression, their families and carers, in the development and evaluation of health care for depression and alcoholism.
This will help the leaders to take further steps and take measures together to help find solutions for the young people who are into depression. This event will help the parents, and the society to address the issue of depression and alcohol by bringing awareness. The greatest outcome would be successful in preventing depressed youth from alcohol addiction and preventing alcohol addicts from falling into depression within five years from now.

If you are interested and would like more information just pop into Mosaic Nagaland and chat to one of the workers or send us an email.