We believe that Sports is therapeutic. The youth in North East India are good in Football. With proper mentorship their skills could be horned to make them professional players in their respective area of sports. This would keep them engaged and even employed which would take them away from alcoholism and depression. This project will be only for men comprises of 5 alcoholic, 5 depressed and other youth from within the community who are interested in football.
There is a trend in Nagaland where youth who are depressed turn into one of the following 3 options
1. Alcohol abuse
2. Substance abuse
3. Suicide
The project aims to stop them at the stage of Depression from proceeding further into any of the above mentioned options.
Expected Outcomes
When faced with problems they will be positively distracted or rather they will be engaged in positive activities like sports and arts which prevents from resorting to harmful methods like alcohol.
 After the coaching together we will participate in a major tournament, Mokokchung District Football Association (MDFA) as Mosaic Nagaland
 We will look forward to at least select 5 players to represent the district for another major tournament
 At least 3 players from Mosaic Nagaland football team will look forward to represent North East united on the on-going Indian Super league
 Also we will look forward to give opportunity to the talented skill players to link with the state government sports ministry and send them abroad for further training skills and could even represent international B class clubs

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